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Ladies, how ya'll doing? Fellas, ya'll alright?

You've probably noticed that the site has been pretty quiet. We're still whipping, soaking, salving, and Kaya chap'n behind the scenes but also preparing for a huge surprise!

Some of you may already know, but TBBCo. has a sister company, Juice frm GAIA (also known as Ganja Brews). This exciting venture is an earth (Gaia) infused fruit juice company, delivering quality benefits from fruits & plants without added sugars & artificial chemicals. I first started this journey in 2019, and since then have met people from all over who truly appreciate what we like to call a "clean hi". Keeping ingredients simple to digest mentally & physically contributes to keeping you hazy, healthy, cool.

Last year, after seeing how widely accepted our beverages were, I decided to purchase a mobile trailer in order to expand on the impact of our customers. So in short...WE OUTSIDE!! In addition to the juices, our product line now consists of plant based gummies as well. Vegan, gluten free, with no artificial flavorings or colorings. Treating a range of ailments: anxiety, insomnia, cramping, headaches, LIFE, the stress of a long ass week, etc.

So now what?

Well, 1st- The B Better Company isn't going anywhere! The site will remain active and open to orders, however, restocking batches will be limited. In the meantime, we are working hard to partner with some of our favorite retailers so that you all have access to TBBCo. whenever & wherever you need it!

2nd- IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE! The trailer has been no easy feat and I just want to share a drink and a hî with some of my favorite people! To thank all of my old & current customers while welcoming & meeting new ones. I'm going to throw a party/cookout this summer, and I need you to sliiiiiiide.

3rd- Stay tuned! I'll be notifying all guests of the date via email. The 1st 50 people to register will receive a free canna-cocktail! We will have raffle giveaways, vendors, food, games, music, and all around good vibrations!

Thank you for always believing in, supporting, and loving me through all of these crazy manifestations turned businesses :)

<3 Lakes

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