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Testimonials: Testimonials

The O.Y.O oil is the best oil I have ever used! I love how it warms and sticks to the body. I haven’t even used it for sex yet but it relaxes the body very well.



I have been a happy customer of BBetterCompany for years. I keep coming back because not only are the products amazing, and affordable, they actually work. I haven't used any other type of chap once I started using BBetterCompany brand and their oils and scrubs have had my skin clear and soft for years.


Iyishah Samuels

I'm a long time user of TBBCo products, and I've never been disappointed. Knowing that I'm able to use natural products to meet my needs is crucial.

Keith S.

I’m so glad I met this beautiful human and their amazing products! I love my cbd bath salts and so does everyone I’ve gifted them too! Lots of love goes into these creations, it’s obvious.


Kelsey O.

I was gifted the soothing salve, salt soak, and lip balms. I haven’t tried the salt soak yet but I know it’s going to be great because of how much I love the balms and salve! I use the salve multiple times a day on my achy shoulders and my ankles. A little goes a long way and you can feel the effects immediately. I love using the lip balm a few swipes and it helps with my dry lips. The scent is also amazing! I would def recommend these products for anyone looking for relief.


Brittany L.

I bought the OYO oil at a festival with my girlfriend and we love this stuff. It feels so good on the skin and not too messy.


Jared Tristo

The Salt Soaks are my favorite. My body feels amazing after and my bathroom smells it too. The OYO is great to add to the bath or use as a moisturizer. Customer for life! xo

Natasha Acevedo

LOVE the OYO oil!

Gia Iaconis

I love The B Better Co products! The body butter really softens my daughter’s skin and smells so good. My whole family loves the chapsticks too! 

I bought the Lemongrass & Peppermint Butta Body but will be purchasing the other scents soon!


Teresa P.

I bought my wife the OYO oil for Christmas and she hasn't stopped talking about it. It's a nice way to relax each other after a long day and I love the way it smells!


Leigh J.

I did an event with Lakes on Sexual Education and the ladies (and I) LOVED the OYO oil. The bottle is absolutely gorgeous and really sets the tone for what you're about to receive. I immediately felt relaxed and in a peaceful state of mind, and my night ended perfectly ;) I hope to see more of you in the future Lakes!

Jessica Best

Bath time Lover, here. I am so excited that the Ganja Goddess Salt Soaks were the first CBD product I introduced to my me time. They're packaged individually so that really minimized the mess of measuring out the salts. And the packaging tells a really cute story. The soaks are great after a workout or stressful day.


Marianne Duval

The first time I ever tried The B Better Company products was at The Sable Collective in the mall. I fell in love with how soft the chapsticks made my lips feel. My favs are the GG Salt Soaks and the OYO Oil. My skin feels so soft from the soaks!!!

Shayna B.

THE OYO IS THE BEST LUBE I'VE EVER USED! I'm so sensitive and I was worried about the essential oils added but I never have any issues.

Brandy Terrell

Misty Slope


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